30 Minute In-home Consultation  //  Complimentary

3 Hour Tidying Session (minimum)

Additional Hours charged accordingly

I am located in Basking Ridge, New Jersey and work locally but will travel.



“Tidy” Ann has been enthusiastic, energetic, supportive, understanding, patient and kind in her willingness to sort through 20 years of accumulated clutter throughout my home. We have sorted through clothes, electronics, photos, kitchen items and books! It is a true pleasure to open my walk-in closet and be able to see my choices of what to wear! Ann’s great sense of style and organization, as well as the Konmari Method of folding, have my drawers not only organized but also a joy to open and admire! Thank you, Tidy Ann, for ALL!”

— Patty D.


“Thank you my dear friend for helping me and not passing judgement. You really have a passion for tidying. My closet is so clean, less cluttered, easy to find something and ultimately less stressful.”

— Marsha W.